A secret that no one has ever told!!! What does each deck of cards mean

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There Are 52 Cards In A Deck Of Cards, Which Means 1 Year, Because 1 Year Has 52 Weeks.

Total Number Of Points On The Face Of All 52 Cards Is Equal To 364 Points.

Where Jack = 11, Queen = 12 , King = 13.

The First Joker Card Represents 1 Point, Totaling 365 Points, Which Is Equal To The Number Of Days In A Year, While The Second Joker Represents A Leap Year. February Has 29 Days And A Year Has 366 Days. A Deck Consists Of 26 Red Cards And 26 Black Cards.

Which Means The Earth Is Divided Into Two Parts, One That Receives Light From The Sun. And The Part That Does Not Receive Light From The Sun

The Red Cards Refer To The East World, While The Black Cards Refer To The West World.

A secret that no one has ever told!!! What does each deck of cards mean

Meaning Of Foreign Cards

Jack, Queen And King Cards Represent Human Nature.

Where Jack Means Young Man

Queen Means A Young Woman.

King Means An Old Man.

Meaning Of Cards

Chick Flower, Diamond Rice, Red Heart, Black Heart Will Represent 4 Things That Are Important In Our Life.

Clubs Mean Knowledge.

Diamond Rice Means Money, Wealth.

Red Heart Means Love.

Spades Mean Death.

The Meaning Of Foreign Cards Mixed With Card Flowers

Jack The Club Will Turn Its Back On The UFABET Club.

As For King, The Club Will Turn Sideways.

That Means That In Childhood, It Is Not Like To Study. But Would Like To Play More But As He Grew Up, He Turned His Attention To To Find Out More

Jack Diamond Rice Will Turn To The Diamond Rice.

As For King Khao Diamonds, He Will Stare Straight At The Diamonds.
Which Means People In Their Youth Are Not Interested In Accumulating Wealth And Saving Money. It Is Also Spending Money On Your Own. Can Find A Lot, Use A Lot But As He Got Older, He Began To Know How To Plan The Use Of Money. Due To Having More Responsibility

Jack Of Hearts Will Turn To Look At The Heart.

As For King, He Only Looks To The Side.

Means When We Are Young Will Be Interested In Matters Of Love, Especially When Older. Interest In This Matter Will Be Less, But More Attention. In Other Matters Such As Job Duties Or Wealth

The Spade Is The Only One Where Jack, Queen And King Have All Turned Their Backs. Comparable To People That Whether It Is A Woman Or A Man, Both Old And Young Neither One Wants To Die. Fear Of Death As Well