Messi’s father denies rumors joining Al-Hilal, insists on waiting for a decision after the end of the season

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Lionel Messi’s father and agent has rejected rumors that his son has agreed to a big-money move to Al-Hilal. After his contract with PSG expires, according to reports from the French press. Indicates that all conclusions will occur only after the end of the season.

Jorge Messi, father and agent of Argentinian star Lionel Messi Came out to deny news from AFP, a major media outlet. That reports that his son has decided to leave Paris Saint-Germain to play for Al-Hilal in the Saudi league. After the end of this season by confirming that there has been no verbal agreement and signing a contract with any team until the end of this UFABET season first. So the news that came out is not true.

Messi's father denies rumors joining Al-Hilal, insists on waiting for a decision after the end of the season

Media in the perfume region just reported the big news that. The transfer of the team in the summer. The captain of the Argentine national team will end his contract with PSG to the oil millionaire league. The deal is now complete and the ex- Barcelona star will earn a whopping £320 million a year, more than Portugal ‘s Cristiano Ronaldo. with Al-Nasser, 165 million pounds per year, or about 7,095 million baht, more than double

However, a few hours later. The father of the 35-year-old spearhead has issued a statement in response to the news, stating that “There is no agreement with any club. for next season. The decision will not come before Lionel completes the League Cup with PSG once the season ends. It’s time to analyze and see what’s going on. then decide There are always rumors. And many people use Lionel ‘s name to make a name for themselves. But there is only one truth. and we guarantee that It has nothing against any team, verbally, signed or deal, and will not be until the end of the season. 

Like Fabrizio Romano, a news anchor with reliable information. confirm the original saying There has been no change regarding Lionel Messi ‘s situation , the decision will be made at the end of the season . Fix not breaking the rules of Financial Fair Play if Messi will move back for another battle.

However, the situation of the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner with the famous team of the French capital starting to look more relaxed After being referred to after being allowed to return to practice Despite being in the midst of being punished with a two-week suspension for skipping rehearsals to promote tourism for Saudi Arabia Because the referee has already issued an apology to the agency and his teammates, but it is expected that the contract extension will not happen.