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Poker Bible: Understanding Pot Odds & Draw Equity

For Anyone Who Is Practicing Or Playing Poker, Pot Odds & Draw Equity Is A Very Essential Basic Knowledge. This May Be Difficult To Understand At First, But Once You Get It Right. It Will Help You Make Better Decisions During The Call Or Fold To Buy Your Draws.


What Stories Of Pot Odds And Equity Will Have?

Pot Odds When You Are Bet By Another Player. You Should Be Mindful Of Your Pot Odds When You Make A Call To View Turn/River Or Fold. The Way To Figure Out Pot Odds Is To Take The Money In The Pot Plus The Money. Where The Player On The Other Side Bet And Make A Ratio With Amount. We Have To Call [Pot + Size Bet Of The Other Side] : [Amount To Call]

For Example In The Middle There Is 9฿, On The Other Side Bet 1฿. You Have To Call 1฿ To Exchange For 10฿, So Your Pot Odds Is 10:1 We Will Know What Pot Odds Do? Now That We Know Our Pot Odds. We Can Use It To Decide Whether To Call Or Fold When A Bet Is Placed, But To Do That You Need To Know How Much Draw Equity Your Hand Has In Order To Compare It To Pot Odds. Yours

Draw Equity Draw Equity Is The Ratio Or Chance Your Hand Will Draw Outs That You Want To Get Stuck. So You Need To Know What Outs Your Hand Needs And How Many Are There To Figure It Out. Draw Equity Let’s Say You Hold A K♠️ J♠️ And The Flop Has A ♠️ 9♠️ 3♦️ You Need The ♠️ In A Turn Or River To Flush, So You Need ♠️ 13 Cards Left In Your Deck And Remove 4 Cards You See And You Have 9 Left, So You Have 9 Outs, Then 52 Outs In Your Deck And Remove 2 In It’s Our Own Hand And Removes 3 Cards From The Flop In Your Deck So You’re Left With 47 Cards. Now Your Draw Equity Is 9/47 = 19.1% That You’ll Flush On The Turn.

It Might Take Too Long To Figure Out Each Draw Equity When You’re Playing. So We’ve Created A Chart For Your Outs And Draw Equity.

Using Pot Odds With Draw Equity Once You Know Pot Odds And Draw Equity You Will Use Them To Decide By Counting Your Pot Odds As % And If Your Hand Draw Equity Is Larger Then You Should Call But If It Is Lower. You Should Fold That Hand. For Example, You Hold A K♠️ J♠️ And The Flop Has A♠️ 9♠️ 3♦️ Money In The Pot 120฿ And The Player Bets 30฿. You Have To Call 30฿ In Exchange For 150฿. In A Pot, Your Pot Odds Are 150:30 Or 5:1, That’s A Ratio Of 1/6 = 16.7%, And You Know Your UFABET Hand Has A Draw Equity Of 19.1%, Which Is More Than Your Pot Odds. Worth To Invest To See Turn

Shortcut For Playing Real Poker You Probably Don’t Have Enough Time To Figure It Out Or Hit The Calculator To Figure Out Your Draw Equity, So There’s A Shortcut For Calculating Your Draw Equity, Counting Outs And Multiplying It By 2. That’s The Approximation Of Your Draw Equity That You’ll Stick With. From Flop To Turn Or Turn To River, But If You Are Thinking Of Draw Equity From Flop To River, We Will Multiply By 4 Instead.