Preflop Blind Structure of Poker Game

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Short Deck: During Preflop, The Money Is Invested In Button Blind, Which Is Different From NLH That Is Small Blind/Big Blind. The Button Blind Investment Is That Everyone Has To Place Ante, But The Button Will Be The Only Person That Adds Blind (Equal To Down 2 Times Of Ante)

Preflop Blind Structure of Poker Game

Preflop Raise Sizes

Due To The Structure That Everyone Has To Put On The Blind. The Pot Is Much Bigger Than The NLH, Making The Short Deck In The Preflop Very Big Compared To The NLH. The Middle Pot Is Much Bigger Than The NLH. So The Player Has To Limp Preflop More. Because He Only Needs To Add More. 10 To Eat All The Pots 70 Or 1:7, It Can Be Said That If You Only Have 12.5% ​​Equity To Play. It’s Worth It.

Preflop Size Is A Good Race For Playing Short Deck. So It’s Different From NLH Which Normally Race Only 2-3 Times. A Good UFABET Size For Playing Short Deck Is A Pot + 1BB Size.

For Example, The Middle Pot Is $70. Should Race Is $70+$10 = $80 And If Have Limper. We Will *2 Ante Per 1 Limper E.G. If There Is 1 Limper The Middle Pot Will Be $80 We Should Race $100 {$70+$10+$10*2(* 1 This One Depends On The Number Of Limper)}. In Order To Protect Our Strong Hand And Put As Much Money Into The Middle Pot As Possible.