See a very aggressive player, how do you deal with it

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1. Play More Passively When You Have A Strong Hand.

You Should Play As If Your Cards Are Weak. Keep Luring Him To Bet. And Died By His Own Hand Because Speaking Honestly This Type Of Aggressive Player He Always Thought To Himself That He Could Smell Fear. And Always Like To Think That Every Time Someone Puts An Action Check On Him. That Means Having Weak Cards. Which We Should Let Him Think Like That And Checks To Lure Him To Bate, Keep Coming Out, And So On, Until He Realizes That He’s Gone.

But The Card That You Should Slow Play Should Be The Big Card On The Board That Is Not Too Wet. Wet Board Means That The Board Has Both Flush Draws. Both Straight Draw Simply Put, It’s A Board That Has The Potential To Easily Overtake The Big Cards You Have. If You Come Across A Board Like This, You Shouldn’t Slow Play, But Play Hard. Put Pressure On Him To The End So That He Has No Chance To Draw More Cards To Come Over And Defeat Us In The End.

See a very aggressive player, how do you deal with it

2. Crouch Or Race With Weaker Hands Than Usual In The First Streets.

When Faced With These Types Of Players Try Not To Hit The River With A Difficult Hand. Fight, Choose Race Or Crouch Since The First Street. To Avoid Making Difficult Decisions Later On. For Example, You’re Holding Hand Bottom Pair On The Board And Your Opponent Puts A Lot Of Pressure On You On The Flop. Of Course, The Best Thing To Do Is To Call To See The Action At The Turn Or The River. But In Case You Clash With An Aggressive Player Of Course, You’ll Find Difficult Situations On Turn Or River, As He’ll Put A Lot Of Pressure On You To Get You To Throw A Better Card. So You Should Crouch If You Have A Low Pair. Or Will Race To Use Blocker Bluff, With A Chance To Increase Equity On Turn Or River In Case Your Cards Are Behind His Cards.

3. Play Draw More Aggressively.

Because If You Keep Playing, Be Careful With The Draw. Players Like This Always Pressure You To Pay A High Price For Your Draw. Fight As You Draw More Aggressively To Find Your Way To The End Of The Flop Or The Turn. And Maybe Give Him A Chance To Crouch As Well. So What Draws Should You Play Aggressively? It’s Simple, Hands Like Nut Flush Draws With One Overcard. Or Even Open-Ended Straight Flush Draw Handles, These Handles Can Easily Be Worn Out Due To The Very High Equity On The Flop And Turn, Another Type Of Hand That You Can Bluff An Aggressive Player Who Likes Bets More Often. That Is, Gutshot Straight Draw Hands. Hands That Win Gutshots Are Not Good Enough To Call. But It’s Good Enough To Race If You Think Your Opponent Has Nothing Strong In Their Hands.

4. Call With A Wider Hand.

This Might Be A Little Difficult. Because You Have To Understand That Aggressive Players Have A Much Higher Chance Of Bluffing. Sometimes You May Have To Grit Your Teeth With A Middle Pair Or Even A Small Pair. This May Be A Little Contrary To Number 2, Suitable For Those Who Dare Not Race To Bluff Their Opponents Out Of The Hand. But Very Confident In His Own Instincts That Will Lure The Aggressive Bet Player Out And Capture The Bluff Here Are Some Additional Tricks That May Help Improve Your Bluff Capture. Do The Two Cards You Hold Block Your Opponent’s Bluffing Range? Simply Put, It Is Will The Cards You Have Block Cards That Your Opponent Will Bluff In This Situation? If So, You Should Reduce Your Call Percentage And Do More Folds.

5. Try Not To Let Them See Your Cards.

This Is Very Important When Faced With A Player Like This You Try Not To Go To The Showdown Too Much. Because He Will Know Your Information And Playing Strategy This Makes It Harder For You To Deal With Him In The Next Hand. You Probably Still Don’t See The Importance Of This One. If You Haven’t Found A Very Good Player Yet. That He Watched Every Action, Every Play, Every Action Of You And Sums Up Your Play Like A Piece Of Paper In His Head. When He Had Enough Information To A Certain Point He Will All Know That What Is The Range Of Your Playing Cards At Each Stroke? What Is Your Logic Of Thinking? What Does Each Action You Take Mean? You Bluff More Or Less Compared To Normal. How Do You Play Strong Hands? How Do You Play Weak Hands? Do You Crouch Easily When You Get Bluffed? All This Will Make You Look Like A Clear Glass That No Matter How You Play, You Will Never Win Against Him. So Don’t Show Your UFABET Cards To Anyone!