Short Deck Starting Hands

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Hands That Should Be Chosen To Play Are Hands Such As 89 , 9T, TJ, JQ. These Hands Are Noticeably Stronger Than In NLH Because In The Short Deck, If We Stick Open-Ended On The Flop. We Will Have About 48-50% Equity. And The TJ Handlebars Have Equity Measured Against The AK In The 50/50 Range Of Preflop.

Hands To Be Careful Of When Playing Are Low Pair Hands Such As 66 – 99 (In The Short Deck It Is Considered A Low Pair. Because This Game Doesn’t Have 2-5) Hands. Because It Is Difficult For Us To Find A Good Situation

Short Deck Starting Hands

For Example, You Hold 66 On Board 68T, You Are Set But Your Opponent Can Have Them From 79,88,TT,T8,T6,J9,T9. Your Equity Is Hardly Above Him. Therefore You Should Play Low Pairs Carefully.

As For The Premium Hands Like AA KK Or AK, We Can Play Normally Just Like The NLH.

Another Thing You Should Keep In Mind Is That In The Short Deck. The Suited Hand Doesn’t Have The Same Value As The NLH Because The Chances Of Getting A Flush Are Much Harder!

As For Playing, You Can Either Limp , Raise Or Limp-Reraise, It All Depends On The Table You Are Playing And Your Playing Strategy.

How To Calculate Draw Equity In Short Deck  

In Short Deck Postflop Play, The Percentage Calculation Differs From The NLH, Which Is Calculated By Counting Outs And Multiplying 3. That Is An Estimate Of The Draw Equity That You Will Take From Flop To Turn Or Turn To River. You Assume Draw Equity From Flop To River. We’ll Multiply 6 Instead, So The Strategy For Playing Short Deck Draws Is Very Different From Playing NLH.

Example Of Playing Draws In Short Deck

For Example Playing Straight Draw Assuming You Hold A 7♠️ 8♠️ Flop As 9♦️10♦️A♠️, You Will Draw Straight 8 Outs (6 4Outs + J 4Outs) And You Will Have Approximately 48% Equity On The Flop! This Is Very High And Very Different From NLH (Straight Draw Where Flop In NLH Has About 32%) Equity.

Or Even Playing A Flush At Equity Will Change Completely. Let’s Say You Hold J♦️Q♦️ And The Middle Flop As 6♦️K♦️8♠️ You Have 5 Outs Draw Flush (7♦️,8♦️,9♦️,10♦️,A♦️) Because In Short The Deck Doesn’t Have 2-5 Cards, Making A Draw Flush On The Short Deck Means You Only Have 30% Equity UFABET On The Flop.